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The basic unit of organization for RCGSL is the Division. Divisions are comprised of Rookies, Juniors, Minors, Majors and Seniors and are designated by the player's current age.


TEE BALL and COACH PITCHED Division: introduces softball to young girls whose skills and coordination are just developing. Players are taught basic fundamentals: how to throw the ball, field a grounder, swing the bat, and which way to run around the bases.  A combination practice and game are held every Saturday. Team or Buddy requests are allowed and encouraged! *Six year olds who have played before may sign up for the Junior division instead.



GIRL and COACH PITCHED Division: seeks to explain and demonstrate the sport of softball to its players by introducing more rules, as well as, player pitching and catching. Emphasis is on good fundamental throwing, fielding, and hitting skills. One weekday practice plus one Saturday game per week. A weekday ”night” game is added to the last 3 weeks of the season. Coach or Buddy requests are allowed and encouraged!



More advanced rules are introduced in this division. Base running skills and team defensive play are also introduced, while basic throwing, fielding, and hitting skills are reinforced. Scores and team standings are kept. Play-offs are held at the end of the season.



More advanced hitting, bunting, and base running techniques are taught. Consistency in fielding fundamentals is emphasized as well. Scores and team standings are kept. Play-offs are held at the end of the season.



Advanced team play, as well as, offensive and defensive game strategies are taught and executed in this division. The Seniors team play in the Peninsula League and/or attend local tournaments. All prospective players are wait-listed until the try-outs.

We use ASA umpires for Minors, Majors and Seniors. We use Juniors umpires for Juniors. No umpires for Rookies.