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Parents Handbook

The following information is provided to help parents answer common questions about the Redwood City Girls Softball League (RCGSL).

We have recreational programs for beginner to advanced players. We also have competitive Wicked travel teams where players can take their game to the next level.

Read below for more info or send an email to with questions.

Team Selection
Games and Practices
Picture Day and Web Albums
Information and Resolution
Wicked Fastpitch


The Redwood City Girls Softball League is a non-profit 501(c)(3) youth organization. serving Redwood City and surrounding communities of Atherton, Menlo Park, Portola Valley and Woodside.


Question: How much does registration cost?

Division Fee (on or before 11/30/19) Fee (after 12/1/19)
Rookies (6U) $155 $180
Juniors (8U) $155 $180
Minors (10U) $210 $235
Majors (12U) $210 $235
Seniors (14U) $210 $235

Note: $25 discount for each additional sibling registered!

Question: How long does the season last?
Answer: Practices start in mid-February, games begin in early March, and the season ends in mid-May. (approx). 

Question: Does RCGSL offer player and coaching instruction?
Answer: Yes! We offer clinics for players and coaches.

Question: My daughter has never played softball before. Does RCGSL have a program for her?
Answer: Yes, RCGSL offers spring recreational seasons that are open to all girls, regardless of experience. It is designed to be challenging, instructional, and fun! Learn more about our divisions here.

Question:    Can I pick the team that my daughter will be placed on?
Answer: Only Rookies (6U) and Juniors (8U) are allowed to request to be placed on a team with a buddy. All other players in the Minors (10U), Majors (12U), and Seniors (14U/16U) divisions will be formed by a team selection process. Coaches can ask to be paired up with an assistant coach or manager for minors, majors and seniors.

Question: Can my two daughters be on the same team? 
Answer: Yes. If they qualify for the same division. Divisions are based on age.

Question: What do our registration fees pay for?
Answer: Fees pay for items such as: uniforms, equipment, balls, insurance, umpire fees, pictures, field maintenance, field usage fees, picture package, and awards.

Question: Why are the league fees lower for the Rookies and Juniors?
Answer: We do not use umpires for Rookies and Juniors. In addition, there are less field usage fees for these divisions since they don't practice as much as the older divisions..

Question: Why does registration start and end so early?
Answer: In order to obtain field allocations from local school districts and the City of Redwood City and to order uniforms in time for the season, we are required to submit our requests in as early as possible. This allows RCGSL to properly allocate game and practice fields, plan for uniform purchases, and determine the number of Coaches and Managers that are required to ensure we have a successful season.

Question: I registered my daughter for the Spring Season. Now what?
Answer: You will receive an email with more information in late late December. Players in the Minors, Majors and Seniors will be invited out for a mandatory evaluation day. Once that is completed a player selection/placement process will occur with the coaches. This helps make sure the teams are as evenly matched as possible. You should be contacted by your daughter’s coach or manager the first week after the teams are formed (mid-January). If you have questions concerning registration, contact the RCGSL registrar at



Question:    What are the age divisions for RCGSL?

Rookies - 6 & Under 
Juniors - 8 & Under
Minors - 10 & Under
Majors - 12 & Under 
Seniors - 14 & Under 

Question:    In what division will my daughter play?
Answer: A player’s current age as of January 1st of the start of the Spring year determines the age classification in which the player is eligible to participate.  the following dates apply:

  • Rookies (6U): T-ball for players ages 4-6 as of January 1, 2020.
  • Juniors (8U): Players who are 7 or 8 as of January 1, 2020.
  • Minors (10U): Players who are 9 or 10 as of January 1, 2020.
  • Majors (12U): Players who are 11 or 12 as of January 1, 2020.
  • Seniors (14U): Players who are 13 or 14 as of January 1, 2020

Question: Can I request that my child be placed in a lower/higher age division?
Answer: We will not allow a child to be placed in a lower age division but players can always play up an age division. Send the request to the RCGSL director of

Question: Are scores/standings kept for all divisions?
Answer: Only for the Minors, Majors and Senior divisions. Rookies and Juniors don't keep scores or standings.



Question: When are Player Evaluations going to be conducted?
Answer: Player Evaluations are conducted in January. Your child only needs to attend one Player Evaluation. Rookies and Juniors are not evaluated. 

Question: Why does my child need to attend the Player Evaluations?
Answer: This gives our coaches and managers the opportunity to evaluate the skill level of your child. A draft will be held in order to allow each coach or manager to choose players. This ensures that all skill levels of players are evenly distributed to all teams. If your child is a pitcher (or plans on pitching) or is a catcher (or plans on catching), she must attend the pitchers and catchers evaluations. 

Question: What happens if I miss evaluations?
Answer: The player will go into the draft with an evaluation score of “0”, and is ineligible to pitch for the season, 

Question: When will the coach or manager call me to start the season?
Answer: All teams should be formed shortly after the player draft in mid to late January. 

Question: Who picks the team names?
Answer: The teams select their own name at their first team meeting.


Question: What will I have to purchase when the season starts? 
Answer: The league provides a jersey and shorts/pants as part of your registration fee. Equipment bags are also provided for each team which include bats, balls and other training equipment. The players need to provide their own glove and rubber cleats and should consider buying their own helmet for best fit (chin strap & face guard required). The team manager may ask the parents to donate money for a team visor and/or socks. That can be decided at your first meeting.



Question: When does the season start and end?
Answer: The season starts with practices in mid February with league play ending in late May.

Question: When and where are the games played? 
Answer: Games usually in early to mid-March and  end around mid-May. Games are held on Saturday's with some weekday games scheduled as needed. Rookies only play on Saturday's all season long. Our primary field locations are Woodside High School and Adelante School. Please visit our fields section for more information.

Question: Where are the practices held?
Answer: Practices can be held at any of our fields Please visit our fields section for details. We can only use the designated fields for insurance purposes. Practice locations will vary from team to team and will be announced at your first team meeting.

Question: What time are games and practices held? 
Answer: Saturday games will begin as early as 9am and as late as 4pm. Weekday games will begin at 5:30pm. Please keep in mind that your manager will want you at the field forty-five minutes to one hour prior to game time so that your daughter is warmed up properly.

Question: Do I have to stay at practices and games? 
Answer: You should stay and support the manager , coaches and players. We strongly encourage parents of T-Ball and 8-under players to be there at all times. If you must leave, be sure that you are back on time to pick up your daughter. The coach and manager cannot leave the field until he/she makes certain that all players have been picked up. IMPORTANT -  an adult female must always be present at practices and games.

Question: What if it rains?
Answer: Contact the City of Redwood City field hotline at (650) 780-7389 for field status information. Some or all rained out games will be made up depending on time and fields. You will be notified of your game's rescheduled date as soon as it is available. Updated schedules are also posted to the website. 



Question: When are team pictures taken? 
Answer: Team pictures are taken on opening day or the weekend before or after. Details will be posted on the website. Each girl will receive an individual and a team picture as part of her registration fee. Additional pictures may be purchased on picture day. A make-up day will be announced on the website and to the managers.

Question: I saw a picture that I don't like of me or my daughter on the Web site. How can I have it removed?
Answer: Yes. If you see one that you would like to be removed, contact the RCGSL Webmaster at

Question: I took some pictures at a game. Will you post them on the website?
Answer: Yes, we will do our best to post your pictures to the RCGSL Website. Contributions are encouraged and needed. Submit the pictures to the



Question: How are problems and/or concerns resolved? 
Answer: You should always try to solve any problems through your team coach or manager first. If he/she does not seem able to resolve your issue, you can contact your Division Representative. If all these avenues are exhausted, then it is appropriate to contact the President or RCGSL Board. 


Question: How can I become a sponsor?
Answer: There are sponsors needed for the recreation season. Contact the Director of Sponsors for more details. You can also visit our
sponsors page for more info.

Question: Why do the teams need sponsors and what is the money used for?
Answer: Sponsorship fees are for league improvements and also help keep the registration fees low for our families.

Question: Are there any other ways the league receives money?
Answer: Yes. apparel sales help generate money for RCGSL, and we sometimes receive tax-deductible donations. Please do your best to help raise money for RCGSL by purchasing items, or make a donation. RCGSL is a 501(c)(3) and can be tax deductible. 



Question: How are the Coaches and Managers for Wicked teams selected? 
Answer: This is done through an application process which is announced during the spring season. More info on Wicked Fastpitch can be found here.

Question: How are the Wicked Fastpitch players selected? 
Answer: Through tryouts near the end of the recreational season. An announcement will go out to the entire league with specifics.

Question: Is additional money required for Wicked Fastpitch?
Answer: Yes. The amount varies but funds must come from each player for uniforms, travel and tournament fees. Wicked Fastpitch requires a great deal more time than the recreational season. Depending on how well the team performs, travel to State and National tournaments is possible. 



Question: What are the softball rules for RCGSL and where can I get a rulebook?
Answer: Rulebooks will be given out to all managers at the first manager’s meeting. Ask your manager for a copy or print one from the RCGSL rules section of the website.

Question: What guideline materials are the managers provided with?
Answer: We provide a Managers Handbook that has a lot of great information. There are sections on whom to contact for any type of issue. Such as canceling games, rainouts, rescheduling, practice conflicts, etc. There are sections on practices, drills, and techniques. This is a good source of information for coaches and parents alike. You can download a copy from the coaches page of our website.



Question: How could I help?
Answer: You can volunteer for a wide range of things. During online or walk-in registration you will be presented with information on volunteering. Please help in any way you can. Our volunteers are what make RCGSL so successful!

Question: What volunteer positions are still needed? 
Answer: Our league is made up of only volunteers and we could use as much help as you are willing to lend. At the first team meeting, your coach or manager will ask for volunteers to help as assistant coach, team parent, scorekeeper, committees, field preparation, special events,  etc. Please help out and volunteer your time.

Question: What are the responsibilities of the Team Parent?
Answer: The team parent is the liaison between the coach, manager and the other parents. The team parent helps with distribution of uniforms, phone calls to parents, team parties, team banner, snack scheduling, etc.

Question: I'd like to be on the board. What can I do?
Answer: Request that your name be placed on the ballot for a particular position through the secretary. Elections are held after the regular season ends.


Question: I want to coach or manage a team, how do I apply?
Answer: You must fill out a volunteer application. This can be done  online or during walk-in registration. A background check is also required for all coaches and managers. 

Question: Are there any other requirements to become a Coach or Manager?
Answer: Once approved, you will be required to attend a mandatory RCGSL Coaches and Managers clinics. These are paid for by RCGSL. You will also be required to attend the Player Evaluations. RCGSL also encourages all Coaches Managers to become USA Softball/ACE certificated. This program is offered by ASA and can be completed online for a fee of $20. More information on ACE certification can be
found here.

Question: What are the minimum requirements to be considered as a Wicked Fastpitch Coach or Manager?
Answer: At least 2 spring ball seasons as acting coach or manager and Ace certified level -1 or higher. 

Question: If I coach or manage a team, will my daughter(s) be placed on my team?
Answer: Yes, as long as your daughter(s) is eligible for the age division that you would like to coach or manage.

Question: Why do I need to fill out a volunteer application and obtain a background check?
Answer: RCGSL requires a background check on all volunteer coaches, managers, and board members.